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9-1-1 Services

  • Consulting

  • Project Management

  • Application Engineering

  • Installation

  • Training

  • Maintenance

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Tech Support 24/7/365

  • PSAP Auditing / Retrofit / Optimization


Provide one or more services for:

  • AT&T

  • CenturyLink (formerly Embarq)

  • Motorola

  • Emergency CallWorks (A Motorola Solutions Company)

  • AirBus (formerly Cassidian)

  • West Safety Services (formerly Intrado)

  • US Department of Defense

  • Verizon

  • Windstream




· Utilize our years of 9-1-1 experience to your advantage and save yourself time, money and potential embarrassment

· Save downtime and service affecting events by having us involved during planning to offer alternatives to telco proposed methods of installation, cutover, moves and/or conversions

· Save money by having someone provide cost efficient alternatives to purchasable options or licenses that may not be needed for end-user functionality requirements inside the PSAP

· Save embarrassment when problems arise that could have been avoided with the appropriate questions asked during pre-sales meetings regarding equipment functionality or misinterpretations of what the system will do as opposed to what salesman “assures” you it will do

· Verification of system requirements and/or end user functionality requests to  guarantee the end result that is wanted is what you actually get

· Order verification

· Quote checking and modification for non-essential products

· Don’t be oversold by pressing sales personnel trying to increase their commission



Project Management 

· Utilize our project management expertise to make sure nothing is left out for new installs, upgrades, PSAP moves or conversions

· Start to finish project management, oversight and coordination of all aspects of the project

· Online access to our project management time-line and percentage-complete task monitoring

  • Material shipping and receiving

  • Site Survey

  • Site Electrical Work

  • Building remodeling

  • Environmental Requirements

  • CPE hardware installation

  • Verification of circuits and trunks

  • Installation of network / ALI routers

  • Software configuration

  • System Verification

  • Call Taker training

  • System cutover and testing 



Application Engineering

· Ensure equipment requirements and environmental requirements for the PSAP are to NENA specifications and electrical code

· Protect your investment and agency by having interconnecting networked devices properly firewalled to ensure no CSEC violations that may negatively impact future state funding of PSAP

· Provide proper installation material for a Quality Job




· Factory trained personnel will provide onsite dispatcher training on all PSAP software for any site we support

· Polished presentations

· Syllabus & Curriculum provided

· Classes geared to the skill sets of dispatchers attending and presented in a layman language they will understand and absorb

· Training covers their daily operation on all functionality for the use of the PSAP software

· Basic or extended 9-1-1 overview fundamental training to encompass the full scope of the PSAP to make the smaller parts of the 9-1-1 software fit into the larger puzzle of getting help to callers when they need it

· Real world examples of scenarios they will encounter and the means of handling it

· Hands on training in their PSAP environment so the training is specific to their day to day operations




· Factory trained local technician dedicated to your area for customer’s with 5 year contracts

· CPE fault isolation and repair

· Preventive Maintenance performed on all PSAPs twice a year as a proactive means of PSAP stability



Tech Support

· All of our technical staff are Factory Trained on all equipment we service and/or support

· 24/7/365 Tech Support capable of remote access to each PSAP

· 70% remote ticket resolution which means faster resolution times for your PSAPs

· Response time historically less than 1 minute even after hours or on weekends

· Ticket resolution times historically average same day resolution, but typically less than a few hours

· Customers have online access to our ticket system and their site specific PSAP data sheets

· One Call Does It All

· 888-414-2738 — Literally the last tech support number you’ll ever need to remember

· You call us.  We work the ticket to completion.  We’ll call any other providers or telco necessary to get the issue resolved.  We’ll dispatch tech to site if necessary.  One call to us does it all.






Western States Communications Your 9-1-1 Solution


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